For so long, all I wanted was for you to love me, to accept me. I thought it was my honor I wanted, but really, I was just trying to please you. You, my father, who banished me just for talking out of turn. My father, who challenged me, a thirteen-year-old boy, to an Agni Kai. How could you possibly justify a duel with a child?

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guys remember that i lost a tooth during state testing for like four years in a row


Done in the best way possible.


Make Me Choose: Wash or and Zoe

Not everybody gets me and Zoe at first glance.

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things i like: names with a capital letter in the middle, ex: McCoy

things I don’t like: names that end in s. fuck that apostrophes come from hell

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Anyone else love Fäde’s dress, or is that just me?


an infinite amount of multiverses and here i am in the one where starfleet is fictional

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i didn’t ask to be a fan of chris evans

i didn’t ask to have my life disrupted by a fucking meatball of a man who’s half frat bro and half sensitive artist

why this

i didn’t ask for this

i’ll never use the url toboldlygomotherfuckers but i can’t let it go because it’s SO ME

it’ll be timetoboldlygo but isn’t that other one perfect

i seriously need to start running again one day shit is gonna happen and i’m gonna need to run but it’s so hard to find a time to go running when it’s still 95 degrees at sunset


d’you think that sometimes when clint gets stuck in some bickering match with tony he just subtly takes his hearing aids out? like he’s sitting there nodding while tony gestures emphatically and makes all his elaborate snarky comments, waiting to see how long it’ll take tony to notice.

maybe he does it in meetings or whatever too. things get boring and he palms his hearing aids like he’s doing a magic trick and now he can just doze while whatever explanation or reprimand from fury carries on around him.

he’s probably got a prearranged hand signal with natasha so he knows when he’s supposed to put them back in, or at least when he needs to pretend like he’s engaged with a nod and a “yes, sir, absolutely!” whenever natasha tugs on her ear.

"you don’t do that when i’m talking do you?" steve asks him.

"course not," clint says, hoping to god he’s not gonna need to prove it by recalling whatever steve was telling him about watercolours last week.

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It was bound to happen at some point.



i want to see the avengers play cards against humanity and i want to see them all slowly realizing that steve has the most fucked up sense of humor out of all of them

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the question is, as always: did i even like the fanfic i just spent like five hours reading?

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